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David has taken my basement post-flood and transformed it into to a much higher quality, finished, spa-like guest retreat and home gym. All of the sub-contractors he’s hired have been incredibly courteous and present on the project. I especially appreciate David’s ability to handle and manage so many aspects of this project without bothering me with any minor details. At the same time, I’ve felt like my input is always welcome. A few weeks prior to completion, we are on budget and on time.

Kristen P.

We were fortunate to hire David for what was a big project for us – a remodel that involved a whole floor of our home. He demonstrated true professionalism from beginning to end of the project. Additionally, his team showed the same care and quality workmanship. We had a few unexpected surprises along the way but each and every one of them was managed to our satisfaction. Thanks David!

Vivienne N.

Expert. Honest. Responsive. Each of these words describes the work and work ethic of David Quinn. We hired Alpine Summit Homes to do our house addition and full house remodel, a project that took seven months, and was challenging even on the best of days! Throughout it, David was a model of calm and competence. He was thorough and transparent with us in discussing plans and costs, up front about any changes he recommended or when something unexpected arose (and trust me, something unexpected will always arise with a big project!). His team was also fantastic; real craftsmen and people who we enjoyed meeting as well as having work on our house. (In related news, our dog also loved all the folks associated with the company.) From the overall project right down to the smallest of details, and in staying in touch once the house was completed to make sure things were going well, we have nothing but praise for David and his team. Professionals in every way!

Carol M.

Having never done a home improvement project before, I was a little nervous about hiring a contractor because I had heard so many negative stories from friends and family. But MY story of working with David was nothing of the kind! It was a completely positive experience from beginning to end.


I vetted three contractors, but I honestly knew within the first 5 minutes of speaking to David that I was going to select his company, even though I knew his bid might be the highest. What instantly impressed me during David’s initial walkthrough of my home was how he listened so attentively to me describe my wish list and then engaged in a comprehensive conversation with me about various options when I asked him to share his expert opinions and ideas. David didn’t try to convince me to do renovations I wasn’t interested in doing as the other two contractors did. He simply offered options, when there were any, explaining in detail the benefits and/or drawbacks of various decisions I would need to make. His expertise is what enabled me to select the best materials and processes—all within my budget.


The work itself was exactly what I’d hoped it would be—truly better than I envisioned. Simple as that! I’m someone who needs to work with professionals who have great communication skills and complete transparency. That’s exactly what Alpine Summit Homes is all about—not only during the initial planning stages, but throughout the entire project. In fact, I am so happy with the work David did in my home that I plan to contact the company again when I’m ready to proceed on my next project.

Gail H.

David completed an interior renovation project for us at a 1970’s cabin that had no water, no electricity and was miles from the closest highway. On top of this, David managed to work through all the challenges one might expect with the Boulder County permitting process. Every one of the subs performed above our expectations, again under very challenging conditions.


The project started nearly a year in advance, requiring months of planning to obtain the permits to begin work. David supervised that process and communicated with us throughout. Once work began we had extremely tight deadlines to meet Boulder’s requirements.


Alpine Summit Homes started by providing a set of detailed drawings. David’s team added a full bathroom with shower, hot water on demand, new window, 3 new doors (custom made with Douglas Fir), new sub-floor and tile, insulation and other critical systems including propane heat. David’s team added two walls, providing space and connections for a future kitchen. All this in a very tight space!


Specialized contractors installed a cistern, septic system and solar system. The solar system eventually provided electricity but David’s team operated with a generator throughout most of the project. David’s team connected all the operating systems to bring the entire project together.


We chose Alpine Summit Homes in part because he is a Boulder County licensed contractor. Our project was very limited in scope. We were impressed that David agreed to work on the just the first phase of a larger project. To his credit David was the only contractor who was responsive and willing to work under difficult circumstances with a limited budget.


We were fortunate to have Alpine Summit Homes stay with us through the early stages with Boulder County. But we were especially pleased in the end with the quality of work and the ability of David to complete the project on time and on budget. David understood and achieved our vision for this little cabin in the mountains!

Kevin J.

I’ve worked with David and what I learned is that because he is such an analytical person, he is perfect for designing and building my addition. I love my location and with the plan he put together I can live the lifestyle I want without having to move.

Anthony P.

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