Seventy Seven

  • Alpine Summit Homes Custom Home Project
  • Alpine Summit Homes Custom Home Project


Niwot, Colorado



  • Passive Solar
  • Spacious
  • Natural Wood and Stone
  • High-Velocity Cooling System
  • Warmboard Radiant Heating
  • Infinite-R Phase Change Material



The Seventy Seven Project currently is under construction. The project was driven by the client’s desire to create an ultra-efficient home. An ultra-efficient home combines state-of-the-art energy-efficient construction, appliances, and lighting with commercially available renewable energy systems, such as solar water heating and solar electricity.


For this project, a passive solar design was developed. Mechanical systems include Warmboard radiant heating from below and high-velocity forced air cooling from above. A sun-space interior concrete slab absorbs the winter sun. Phase change material in the walls absorbs heat and releases it at night when temperatures are cooler. The result is reduced energy usage and utility costs.


The eaves were extended in order to create a shade perimeter around the house during the summer. The large South- and West-facing windows allow ample amounts of warm light in during winter.


The biggest challenge for this project was the high-water table. On a normal day, water is only 3 feet below grade. Our solution was to place the foundation on a 2-foot deep blanket of crushed rock. This allows water to pass beneath the home without seeping into the crawlspace or impacting the foundation. A large drainage system was embedded into the crushed rock in order to help remove water from under the home. The result was a stable foundation on which to build this ultra-efficient home with all its unique natural and engineered features.


The house incorporates stucco, stone, and natural woods, including knotty Alder doors, select Alder trim moldings, and 5” white oak hardwood flooring.

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