• Alpine Summit Homes Remodel Project
  • Alpine Summit Homes Remodel Project
  • Alpine Summit Homes Remodel Project
  • Alpine Summit Homes Remodel Project


Nederland, Colorado



  • New Bedrooms & Attached Garage
  • Natural Elegant Light
  • Western Red Cedar Siding



The Cumberland Project was a home remodel. The project presented two challenges:

  • Access – the home was located in a remote area in the foothills.
  • Topography – low-lying granite that had to be removed in order to place the forms for the foundation.


Our clients had several functional requirements for this remodel:

  • A real front entrance and foyer – they had been making do with a side entrance
  • Additional bedrooms for their children
  • An additional 2nd floor bathroom
  • A functional office
  • An attached 2 car garage with an area for a workshop


In addition, they wanted to enhance the aesthetics of the remodel by incorporating more natural light. Their goal was to make the space feel more inviting and easier to navigate.


In order to create a seamless transition between the original home and the newly built addition, we imported fire-resistant cedar siding from the Pacific-Northwest and incorporated it with the existing siding.


The key to the success of this project was in making use of smaller spaces. We incorporated a laundry area into the main level bathroom. To create the new front entranceway, we converted an existing storage room. In doing so, access into and throughout the main level of the home was greatly improved.

The attached garage provided much needed convenience.