About Us

Alpine Summit Homes is a custom home design-build company with an impressive track record throughout the Boulder, Colorado and Front Range area. David Quinn leads a team of creative, forward-thinking professionals passionate about designing and building high-quality homes, structures and renovations, with a fundamental belief that a unified team produces the best results. At Alpine Summit Homes, our people are our greatest asset.

David Quinn Alpine Summit Homes

David Quinn

President, Owner and General Contractor


David Quinn’s passion for construction developed at an early age working alongside his father in the Chicagoland area on small renovation projects.


In 2009, David founded Alpine Summit Homes as a small company working out of his pickup truck. Over the years, he’s built the company into an in-demand design-build powerhouse providing custom homebuilding, remodel, renovation and addition services to clients up and down the Front Range. As the general contractor, David manages every project, working closely with each client and design team to ensure the highest level of quality, support and satisfaction.


David lives with his wife Heather and their two daughters in Broomfield, Colorado.

Our Story

Alpine Summit Home’s founder, David Quinn, is dedicated to providing clients with an exceptional and enjoyable homebuilding service. After hearing that so many homeowners had significant challenges and disappointing results with their building and renovation projects — from poor-quality outcomes to massive cost increases and delays — David knew the residential construction industry needed to be changed. He decided to do his part by developing an efficient and streamlined design-build process that consistently provides clients with wildly successful results. This is what sets Alpine Summit Homes apart.


As a fourth-generation carpenter raised in the suburbs of Chicago, David learned the fundamentals of home remodeling working alongside his father in their family business. In 2000, as a union carpenter, he started working for Asbach & Vanselow, building large-scale home development projects, commercial structures, and other residential dwellings throughout Northeast Illinois. David made his way to Colorado in 2006, and it was here that the seeds of Alpine Summit Homes began to form. Originally named Quinn’s Carpentry, the company started as a rough framing and finish carpentry business. Projects quickly grew in size and scale, and David changed the name to David Quinn Construction.


Over the years, homeowners have seen the value of David’s integrity, ingenuity and expertise as the company has evolved into a collaborative of master craftspeople. He has assembled a core team of intelligent, innovative, forward-thinking, open-minded and highly-skilled accomplices. To this day, people are the firm’s greatest asset. In 2018, to adequately reflect the level of design and building services that clients receive, David made the pivotal decision to change the name of the company to Alpine Summit Homes.


Alpine Summit Homes continues to provide a client-focused contractor-led design-build service with innovative designs and accurate pricing, from initial consultation through construction completion. We strive to earn trust and build lasting client relationships. In fact, our repeat clients and glowing word-of-mouth referrals are our proudest achievements.


We look forward to meeting with you and getting started designing your dreams and building your legacy.